I'm interested in so many things.  Life is amazing.  Here are some of the more notable interests of mine.  If you're looking for other personal interests & activities, including some delicious recipes, please visit my more personal web site http://www.ockers.org/.



Because I'm in a hurry, I've made a quick list off the top of my head.  I'll flesh these out as I make time to work on the site, and talk about what sorts of problems and aspects I find interesting for each of these:

  • Computing, Operating Systems, Linux (of course)
  • Control systems and digital computer control of mechanical/electrical systems
  • Networking & Communications; Telephony (the Network Effect)
  • Aviation, Aerospace and Free Flight
  • Motorsports & Motorcycles
  • Fitness & Athletics
  • Food & Cooking
  • Rhythm, music, and its effect on our souls
    • Also the vibrations musical instruments cause in the air.
    • Especially pipe organs.
That list is just a start and is NOT comprehensive or complete.